All about I Like Birds

From the mouth of Stuart Cox - the creator of I like Birds...

"This started in a 70’s childhood on the south coast, surrounded by family, birdwatching and the eclectic mix of “household things” my mother had been collecting since the 1950’s. Ultimately that’s what this is still about: Simpler, more colourful times, family and birds. That’s pretty much our DNA."

"As an adult I found myself working as a graphic designer 700 miles away from home. I began to illustrate the birds I was seeing in the north of Scotland for my mother. She never saw the illustrations as she was struck down with illness and died soon after, followed in rapid succession by my brother and father. The handful of pictures were lost in a drawer."

"Years later a friend found them and asked if we’d make some up as cards to sell in a local cafe. That was back in 2014 and the result was over 1000 cards sold in a month, soon followed by other retailers - including Paperchase - catching the wind through word of mouth. Without realising it we’d stumbled into becoming a Greeting Card Publisher: As soon as we did we started making plans for other products."

"Over the next two years we grew as an indy card publisher, never out of the trade press, always attending trade shows, gathering a large and enthusiastic following on social media, with stockists across the UK from the Channel Islands to Orkney, all done over evenings, weekends and holidays. In 2016 we made the final of the License This competition at Brand Licensing Europe and soon signed with licensing industry legend Jane Evans' JELC as our global licensing agent. From there we've signed licenses with a number of best in class companies who now make products featuring our images."

"If you're here hopefully you like what you see. Our work is largely drawn from observation - the birds in our garden, or on trips out in the beautiful Moray countryside - and we try to capture something of the essence of the birds: basically birds doing what birds do, a Blackbird being blackbirdy and pulling up worms, Puffins heading out to sea on a fishing trip etc. Our graphic influences are wide ranging: the crazy cushions we had when I was a kid, my grandmothers bonkers tablecloths, the bits and pieces my mum had collected from her childhood in ration-era late 40's Britain, sometimes even listening to a particular piece of music when designing. We're also indebted to a deep history of bird illustrators from Audubon, through Charley Harper, Peter Scott, Tunnicliffe and a plethora of little remembered Victorians and Edwardians. We'd like to think that in some small way us and the current crop of bird illustrators are carrying on something of their legacy"

"Ultimately we like birds, and hope you do too."