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Wooden Snowflake Christmas Tree Kit - Assembly Video & Instructions


Wooden Snowflake Christmas Tree Assembly GuIde from Stickers4 on Vimeo.


Please read these instructions fully before attempting to assemble your Christmas Tree Kit

Each tree kit has been laser cut from sustainable Birchwood plywood and features a unique smoke pattern on the wood, so every tree is different! Sometimes the small centre pieces fall out of the board and it may look like the kit is incomplete – it’s not. These are just the bits that you would push out and throw away during construction, so please don’t be alarmed!

This kit should take about 15 minutes to assemble and we would recommend that you have a small craft knife available just in case you need to free some of the small parts from their backing board.

1.    We recommend that you begin by carefully pushing all the pieces out from the board by pushing from behind. If you feel some resistance, then turn the board over and use a craft knife to free the piece.

2.    Once all the pieces are free, lay the snowflakes out in size order and make two piles of spacer rings. 20 large SPACER A rings in one pile and 26 thinner SPACER B rings in another pile. There are a couple of spare SPACER B rings included just in case you lose one.

3.    Next, take STAND A and push the tabs into BASE 1. It should be quite a tight fit so just ease each tab in to its hole a little bit at a time.

4.    Now, slide STAND B over STAND A and slot them together so that you can push the tabs into the remaining holes in BASE 1. Again, the tabs make quite a tight fit. This is intentional to ensure that the tree is quite stable when fully assembled.

5.    You should now have 4 tabs protruding slightly from the bottom of BASE 1 which you can push into BASE 2

This completes stage 1.

6.    Now that the base and centre column is complete you can begin to put the rest of the tree together. Start by sliding 5 of the larger SPACER A rings onto the central column. The first few rings may be quite tight. This is quite normal.

7.    Now put the largest snowflake on the centre column so that it rests on the spacers. Add the next 5 SPACER A rings

8.    Repeat with the next largest snowflake and then add another 5 spacers. Continue up the column using up all the SPACER A rings and then carry on using the thinner SPACER B’s, 5 at a time, until you have only three snowflakes remaining.

9.    Add the third to last snowflake (the 7th snowflake up from the bottom) and then only add 4 SPACER B’s before adding the penultimate snowflake.

10.    Add three SPACER B rings and then the final, smallest snowflake.

11.    Finally add one or two* more SPACER B rings and then push the star into the top of the centre column. It should be quite tight so that it locks everything together. If you find it is too tight then you can trim a small sliver off using your craft knife. NB. DO NOT HOLD THE TOP OF THE TREE BY THE SMALLEST SNOWFLAKE AS IT MAY BREAK.

*Wood is a natural product and the thickness can vary very slightly. Some kits require just one final spacer and others two.

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