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Sporting Event Window Stickers

A range of sporting event window stickers for your pub or sports-bar

Sky Sports Live Here (Pair) Window Sticker from £4.99 inc. VAT from £4.16 ex. VAT
Sky Sports Shown Here (Pair) Window Sticker from £4.99 inc. VAT from £4.16 ex. VAT
Paris Game GB Flag Roundel Window Sticker from £4.49 inc. VAT from £3.74 ex. VAT
Paris Games Medal Roundel Window Sticker from £4.49 inc. VAT from £3.74 ex. VAT
Live Sport Text Roundel Window Sticker from £4.49 inc. VAT from £3.74 ex. VAT
"Live Football Shown Here" Roundel Window Sticker from £4.49 inc. VAT from £3.74 ex. VAT
"Live Golf Shown Here" Roundel Window Sticker from £4.49 inc. VAT from £3.74 ex. VAT
"Live Darts Shown Here" Roundel Window Sticker from £4.49 inc. VAT from £3.74 ex. VAT
"Live Cricket Shown Here" Roundel Window Sticker from £4.49 inc. VAT from £3.74 ex. VAT
"Live Rugby Shown Here" Roundel Window Sticker from £4.49 inc. VAT from £3.74 ex. VAT
Game, Set & Match Tennis Racquet Window Sticker £14.99 inc. VAT £12.49 ex. VAT
"Live Tennis Shown Here" Roundel Window Sticker from £3.95 inc. VAT from £3.29 ex. VAT
Tennis Net Border Window Sticker £21.95 inc. VAT £18.29 ex. VAT
'Pimms' Style Summer Fruit Border Window Sticker £19.99 inc. VAT £16.66 ex. VAT
Live Sport Shown Here UK Flag Window Sticker from £3.95 inc. VAT from £3.29 ex. VAT
Pack of 6 Tennis Ball Window Stickers £6.95 inc. VAT £5.79 ex. VAT
Pack of 16 Sports Balls Window Stickers from £15.95 inc. VAT from £13.29 ex. VAT
4 England Football Players Window Stickers from £7.99 inc. VAT from £6.66 ex. VAT
It's Coming Home - England Football Window Stickers from £3.98 inc. VAT from £3.32 ex. VAT

Boost Your Pub's Appeal with Sports Stickers

Welcome to the vibrant world of sports pubs & bars and the ways to attract customers. One of the most visually appealing and effective methods to capture the attention of sports fans is through sporting event window stickers. 

Why Window Stickers?

Attracting a Loyal Fanbase

Sporting event window stickers serve as beacons to sports fans looking for a place to watch their favourite events. By displaying stickers like 'live football sign' or 'live tennis sign', you directly communicate to potential patrons that your venue caters to their interests.

Enhancing Brand Visibility

Visibility is crucial in the competitive bar industry. A well-placed 'sports banner' or 'sky sports live here' sign not only boosts your pub's exterior aesthetics but also enhances its visibility, making it stand out from the crowd.

Choosing the Right Sport Event Stickers

Types of Window Stickers

live sports shown here

Whilst permanent stickers exist and work for some applications, all of Stickers4 pub sports themed window stickers are all easy to apply and remove, making them completely reusable which allows you to easily change between World Cup stickers, Euros stickers, Wimbledon stickers or change to a more generic 'Live Sports Shown here' banners or signs.

Custom Designs for Every Sport

Stickers4 specialise in custom window signs so if you need something more specific, perhaps with your own branding, then give uis a call. Whether it's a 'sky sports sign' for general appeal or specific 'sport signs' for different sports, the design chould align with the overall vibe of your pub.

Popular Sports and Corresponding Stickers






Football is a major draw. Using 'Live Football" sign stickers during football season ensures fans know where to gather. Advertise that you show Sky Sports or use more generic styles for the World Cup During major tennis events like Wimbledon or the US Open, displaying a "Live Tennis Shown Here sign" can draw enthusiasts who prefer the refined atmosphere of a tennis match. We even offer a Pimms style summer fruit window border which is perfect for Wimbledon! Rugby fans are known for their passionate support. Utilising "Live Rugby Shown Here sign" stickers during the Rugby World Cup or Six Nations Championship can turn your venue into a local hub for rugby fans. These stickers can feature bold, rugged designs that reflect the intensity of the sport. Cricket has a massive following, especially during events like the Cricket World Cup or The Ashes. Stickers such as "Live Cricket Here" can be prominently displayed. Designs might include cricket bats, balls, and stumps to immediately convey the sport's theme. Although not as universally followed as football or tennis, darts is a popular pub sport, often associated with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Window stickers like "live darts shown here" can attract both players and spectators, especially during major championships like the PDC World Darts Championship.

Each of these sports offers unique opportunities to theme your pub or sports bar in a way that resonates with specific groups of sports enthusiasts. By aligning your window stickers with the sporting calendar, you can ensure a steady flow of patrons eager to enjoy their favorite sports in a lively, themed environment.

Installation Tips

Where to Place Your Stickers

The placement of your stickers should be strategic. Windows facing busy streets are ideal for maximizing visibility and impact.

Maintaining Your Stickers

Maintenance is key to ensuring your stickers remain vibrant and clear. Regular cleaning and checks for wear and tear are recommended.


In conclusion, sporting event window stickers are a strategic marketing tool that enhances the thematic experience of your sports bar, making it a destination for fans and casual visitors alike. Ready to elevate your pub’s game? Start planning your sport-themed window decor today!

FAQs on Sporting Event Window Stickers

For lesser-watched sports such as darts, using targeted sport signs like "live darts here" can help draw in enthusiasts. Position these signs prominently to ensure they are visible to passersby who may be interested.

Yes, custom sports banners can be designed to feature specific games, such as "sky sports live here" for general sports broadcasts, or more specific ones like "live tennis sign" during major tennis tournaments. This helps communicate your pub’s offerings directly to potential patrons. Contact us for more details

Updating your stickers at least every season is advisable to align with major sports events. This keeps your advertising relevant and engaging, showing that your venue is the go-to spot for all major sporting events.

Yes, when using branded materials like "sky sports sign," ensure you have the appropriate licensing agreements in place to avoid copyright infringement. Always verify the legal requirements before displaying branded content.

Window stickers are highly effective for promoting major tournaments. A "rugby shown here" sticker during the Rugby World Cup can significantly increase foot traffic as fans look for a place to watch the games with fellow enthusiasts.

To avoid clutter while featuring multiple sports like "live football sign," "live tennis sign," and "live rugby," use a design that incorporates elements from each sport in a cohesive layout. Stickers4 sports event window stickers are ideal as they are each individually designed for spefific events and can be used together without clashsing.

All Stickers4 Products are proudly Made in Britain, UK