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Diwali Sale Roundel Window Sticker

Stickers4 Diwali Sale Roundel - Vivid static cling SALE window sticker for festive retail window displays.

Struggling to set your Diwali Sale retail window apart this Diwali? You're not alone. With so many generic decorations available, standing out becomes a challenge. Enter the Stickers4 Diwali Sale Roundel - a bold and vivid, double-sided, static cling window sticker. Designed with the fervour of the festival in mind, this sticker is perfect for businesses aiming to showcase their Diwali sale.

Unlike traditional stickers that can leave residue or are a hassle to apply, the Stickers4 Roundel is unbelievably user-friendly. Printed in the UK, this sticker promises not only aesthetics but also quality. Plus, with the availability in two distinct sizes - 400mm and 590mm - you can choose the perfect fit for your window. And did we mention it's reusable? That's right! Store it safely post the festivities and bring it out year after year, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice.


Sale Roundel Size
Size mm's Size inches
Large 400mm Diameter
15.8" Diameter
Extra-Large 590mm Diameter
23.2" Diameter



  • Easy Application - Say goodbye to tedious setups; just press it onto your window and watch the magic unfold. Reusability ensures value for money.
  • Two Convenient Sizes - Whether you've a sprawling display or a cosy corner, choose between 400mm or 590mm diameters for the perfect fit.
  • High-Quality Design - Crafted in the UK, ensuring impeccable standards and a design that captures the essence of Diwali.
  • Zero Residue - Enjoy the beauty without the mess. Once removed, it leaves your window spotless, ready for the next festive decal.
  • Double-sided Print - Ensures the design is visible both from inside and outside, maximizing impact and festive feel.

Boost the festive spirit of your space with the Stickers4 Diwali Sale Roundel. Perfect for retailers and homeowners alike, it's the touch of Diwali charm you've been looking for. Don't miss out, order yours now and let the celebrations begin!