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288 Pantry Labels - Full Collection Kitchen Labels

288x Kitchen Labels for Jars - Contemporary Mixed Size Printed White Sticky Labels for Kitchen and Pantry Storage

Introducing our sleek and stylish Pack of 288 Pantry Labels, designed to elevate your kitchen organization and bring a touch of minimalist elegance to your pantry. With black text printed on a white matte label, these labels effortlessly blend into any kitchen decor, providing a clean and modern look.

Durability meets functionality as each label is carefully crafted to be water and oil resistant. No need to worry about spills or splashes compromising the pristine appearance of your pantry labels – they are designed to withstand the test of time.

Inside the pack, you'll find an extensive collection of essential pantry labels, baking-specific labels, herb & spice labels, and best before labels. No matter what you store in your pantry, we've got you covered with labels tailored to meet your needs.

Our essential pantry labels cover all your kitchen staples, from rice, pasta, and flour to sugar, coffee, and tea. With clear, bold lettering, you'll be able to quickly identify your ingredients and keep your pantry impeccably organized.

For the baking enthusiasts, we've curated a selection of baking-specific labels, ensuring you never mistake baking powder for baking soda again. Keep your cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and baking essentials effortlessly labeled for hassle-free baking sessions.

Tired of searching for the right spice in your collection? Our herb & spice labels offer a simple and effective solution. Easily identify your oregano from your thyme, and bring out the flavors in your culinary creations with ease.

Additionally, we understand the importance of staying on top of expiration dates. That's why our pack includes best before labels, allowing you to mark perishable items and ensure your ingredients remain fresh.

The minimalist design not only adds a touch of sophistication to your pantry but also promotes a clutter-free, stress-free cooking environment. With 288 labels in one pack, you'll have enough to revamp your entire kitchen and create a cohesive, organized space.

Don't settle for chaos in your pantry any longer. Embrace the simplicity and elegance of our Pack of 288 Pantry Labels with black text printed on white matte labels, combining style and functionality to revolutionize your kitchen organization. Say goodbye to kitchen confusion and hello to seamless culinary adventures!


  • Pantry Labels - This full collection of all 288 food label stickers are white with black descriptions to help organise your kitchen. These will be a lovely addition to your home and help you to organise all your everyday spices, herbs, staples and baking ingredients and lots, lots more !
  • Water Resistant - All our food labels are water and oil resistant to allow for easy cleaning from inevitable spills and splashes. They are printed on professional quality PVC label material with UV cured ink which makes them extremely durable and use permanent adhesive to ensure they stay on your jars and containers and feature a 'block-out' backing which allows you to cover existing labels or writing with no show-through.
  • 288 Stickers - We have covered all the main baking, staples, herbs and spices in our 288 pre printed label set, but also include 12 blank labels and a selection of 'best before' labels just in case we haven't covered your requirement. Please see our full list in the images.
  • Sizes - Each of the Herb and Spices collection labels measure 3cm x 4.5 (1.2 in x 1.78 in) and will fit most standard sized herb jars or storage containers. The essentials and baking collection are 6cm x 6cm (2.5 in x 2.5 in) and the baking collection feature a handy conversion chart to help when measuring ingredients.
  • Kitchen Label Range - The Full Collection of labels include our full range of storage container stickers. All are available as individual collections so please check out the Baking Collection range, Herb & Spice Labels Collection range and Essential Collection labels which can all be be purchased individually.