Super Large Winter Wonderland Scene


This incredible Winter Wonderland Scene is for BIG windows! When arranged as shown the total size is 3.7m wide x 2m tall (that's over 12 feet wide x 6.5 feet tall), but as it's supplied in sections you can arrange it as you wish!

Cut from super thick white static cling material for easy application. As with all our window clings this can be saved and reused year after year.

You will receive:

6 x Trees
2m x 210mm
2m x 630mm
2m x 430mm
2m x 460mm
2m x 375mm
2m x 265mm

3 x Snowdrifts
1.3m x 160mm
1.3m x 130mm
950mm x 115mm

2 x Large Reindeer
1.2m x 860mm
630mm x 410mm

1 x Pack 20 x 75mm unique snowflakes NOW 40 x 75mm unique snowflakes

85 x pieces 'Snow' (white static cling blobs of snow)

1 x FREE Felt Squeegee

Please allow 2 days for production of this item

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