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Traditional Christmas Tree

A Classic Touch to Your Festive Celebrations

The charm of Christmas lies not just in its age-old traditions but also in the new memories we create each year. Central to these traditions is the iconic Christmas tree, symbolising warmth, joy, and festive spirit. For those seeking a blend of tradition with contemporary aesthetics, the Traditional Christmas Tree Window Cling Sticker stands out as the quintessential choice. Perfectly capturing the festive essence, this window sticker offers an ideal way to adorn spaces with a touch of Christmas magic.

The sticker has been crafted keeping in mind the diverse needs of users. Be it a cosy household window or a sprawling shop display, our product caters to all. The four available sizes - Small, Medium, Large, and Super-Large - ensure that no window is left out from flaunting its festive spirit. Moreover, the ease of application ensures that you don't have to rely on professionals; it's a DIY marvel that promises perfection every time.

Available Sizes

Tree Size Size mm's Size inches
Small (wxh) 190mm x 290mm (wxh) 7.5" x 11.4"
Medium (wxh) 415mm x 640mm (wxh) 16.3" x 25"
Large (wxh) 775mm x 1200mm (wxh) 30.5" x 47"
Super-Large (UK ONLY) (wxh) 1200mm x 1845mm (wxh) 47" x 72"
please check sizes carefully - Super-Large is only available to UK residents due to the extreme size
Key Features:

Timeless Design: A traditional Christmas tree representation that resonates with the classic holiday spirit.

Versatile Sizing: Choose from small, medium, large, or super-large sizes to perfectly fit any window space.

User-friendly: Simple application process that can be done without any professional assistance.

Quality Material: Premium-grade material promises longevity, ensuring the sticker remains vibrant throughout the festive season.

Perfect for Retail: Especially designed for large shop window displays, making them irresistibly festive and inviting.

Reusable: Just save the backing paper and save this Christmas Tree window sticker for use year after year

Celebrating Tradition in Style

With every corner of the city turning into a festive spectacle, make sure your windows don't feel left out. The Traditional Christmas Tree Window Cling Sticker is not just a decorative piece; it's a celebration of traditions, memories, and joyous moments. Whether for home or retail, it promises to be the showstopper of your festive decor.


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