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Selecting the perfect Christmas Window Stickers

The festive holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, and what better way to spread the festive spirit than with delightful Christmas window stickers?


Stickers4 Window Stickers

Stickers4, a trusted UK manufacturer and online retailer of seasonal window display stickers, offers an amazing range of high-quality window cling stickers that can instantly transform your windows into a winter wonderland. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the magical world of Christmas window stickers from Stickers4, providing you with valuable insights and tips to elevate your festive decor.


Beautiful Christmas Window Stickers

Stickers4 Christmas window stickers are decorative decals created to magically cling to your windows without any adhesive, creating an eye-catching display from both inside and outside your home. Stickers4 has gained recognition for its diverse collection of window stickers, designed to cater for all seasons, occasions, events and promotions.

Why Choose Christmas Window Stickers from Stickers4?

  1. Effortless Application: Applying window stickers is a breeze, requiring no special skills or tools.
  2. Truly double-sided- You’ll LUVIT! our decorative festive window stickers are all double-sided and opaque (we print using a special technique called eLUVIT (Layered UV Ink Technology) which means that you’ll be able to see your design from the inside & the outside easily. Please be careful what your're buying.. Some other companies only use one layer of ink which means that the design will be semi-transparent and you won’t be able to see it properly. Only buy if it says that it is triple layer print and opaque (ie solid colour not transparent. If it's printed with a single layer of colour to clear material they may still call it double-sided!)
  3. Temporary and Reusable: You can easily remove the stickers without leaving any residue, making them ideal for temporary displays and future use.
  4. Non-Damaging: These stickers are gentle on your windows and do not cause any damage or marks.
  5. Budget-Friendly: Decorating your windows with these stickers is a cost-effective way to create a captivating holiday atmosphere. We have customers who have reused their Christmas window clings for more than 10 years – now that’s great value for money!
  6. Vast Selection: Stickers4 offers an extensive variety of designs, ensuring something for every taste and style.
Christmas scenes including Nativity scene window cling stickers, the Epiphany, Three Wise Men stickers, winter wonderland  and stained glass style Christmas scenes

Selecting the Perfect Christmas Window Stickers

When choosing the ideal Christmas window stickers for your home, consider the following factors:

  1. Christmas Theme: Opt for stickers that align with your preferred Christmas theme, be it traditional epiphany/nativity, modern style Christmas trees and presents, or whimsical Christmas characters.
  2. Window Size: Measure your windows to ensure a perfect fit, avoiding stickers that might be too large or too small. Don’t forget that our window clings can all be easily trimmed to fit.
  3. Ideas: Visit our Christmas Window Ideas page to get a feel for how our products can work together to create a truly special window display


Christmas Character Window Stickers

Captivating Designs to Elevate Your Decor

Discover enchanting Christmas window sticker designs that will add a touch of magic to your shop window display or home:

  1. Winter Wonderland: Create a mesmerizing winter scene with delicate snowflake window stickers and Christmas window borders, or go for a complete large winter wonderland window display featuring trees, reindeer and snow.
  2. Christmas Characters: Bring Christmas to life with stickers featuring Christmas characters including Christmas Gonks, reindeer, nutcracker soldiers and the man himself.
  3. Festive Messages: Express your festive wishes with stickers displaying heartwarming Christmas greetings.
  4. Christmas Traditions: Embrace the classic elements of the season with stickers featuring nativity scenes, The Three Kings and  decorations such as baubles, stockings, wreaths, and mistletoe.

How to Apply Christmas Window Stickers

Follow these simple steps to apply your Christmas window stickers with ease:

  1. Clean the Surface: Thoroughly clean your windows to ensure a smooth and dust-free application.
  2. Prepare the Stickers: Gently peel off the stickers from their backing, being careful not to bend or fold them.
  3. Apply Smoothly: Place the stickers on the desired location, starting from one edge and smoothing them out as you go.

    Watch our window sticker application video here

Tips for Reusing and Storing Christmas Window Stickers

All Stickers4 wiondow cling stickers are totally reusable. To extend the life of your Christmas window stickers with proper storage and care:

  1. Save the Backing: After use, carefully place the stickers back on their original backing to prevent damage.
  2. Store Flat: Keep the stickers flat in a cool, dry place to maintain their adhesive properties.
  3. Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Steer clear of exposing the stickers to extreme heat or cold.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I reuse the window stickers?
    • Yes, Christmas window stickers from Stickers4 are reusable and can be stored for future use.
  1. Are these stickers easy to remove?
    • Absolutely! The stickers can be removed without leaving any residue on your windows.
  1. Are the stickers suitable for all window sizes?
    • Stickers4 offers various sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your windows. Check the details on every product where sizes are given. Don't foeget.. Christmas window borders can be applied next to eachother and then trimmed to fit the edge of you window!
  1. Can I customise the designs?
    • While the designs are pre-made, you can personalize your decor with various sticker combinations. If you would like a totally custom Christmas window sticker design then please give us a call - we'd be delighted to help. However, please bear in mind that we are completely snowed under from October to Decemeber so make sure you contact us earlier in the year for your custom window sticker designs.
  1. Will the stickers damage my windows?
    • No, these stickers are designed to be non-damaging to your windows.

Conclusion: Embrace the Festive Holiday Spirit with Christmas Window Stickers from Stickers4

As the festive season approaches, embrace the Christmas spirit with Christmas window stickers from Stickers4. Elevate your shop window and home decor and spread cheer with these delightful designs. From winter wonderlands to Jolly Santas, find the perfect stickers to transform your windows into a magical display that captures the essence of Christmas.


Stickers4 is a UK manufacturer and online retailer of Stickers4 seasons, occasions, events & promotions. This blog post may be reproduced with our permission, in full & with links. Please contact us for details