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Christmas Star Window Stickers

A range of Star decoration window stickers and decals. Various different star designs and some beautiful new hanging star effect baubles! Our Star window stickers are all made in-house here in the UK from top quality reusable materials and we regularly ship our products to all four corners of the globe!

Icy Blue Christmas Star Window Stickers £14.99 inc. VAT £12.49 ex. VAT
Golden Christmas Star Window Stickers £14.99 inc. VAT £12.49 ex. VAT
Silver Frost Christmas Star Window Stickers £14.99 inc. VAT £12.49 ex. VAT
Crystal Stars Window Cling Stickers from £5.99 inc. VAT from £4.99 ex. VAT
Set of 6 Extra-Large (300mm) Snowflake Star Window Stickers £17.99 inc. VAT (Was £29.99 ) £14.99 ex. VAT
60 Small 5 Pointed Star Window Stickers £8.99 inc. VAT (Was £9.95 ) £7.49 ex. VAT
70 Small 8 Pointed Star Window Stickers £8.99 inc. VAT (Was £9.95 ) £7.49 ex. VAT
Bumper Pack of 5x Large and 20x Medium 8 Pointed Stars £16.99 inc. VAT (Was £17.99 ) £14.16 ex. VAT
Bumper Pack of 5x Large and 20x Medium 5 Pointed Stars £16.99 inc. VAT (Was £17.99 ) £14.16 ex. VAT


We offer a variety of large Christmas window decorations, ranging from large snowflake window stickers to festive scenes, large Christmas tree window stickers and large baubles, perfect for creating a holiday ambiance in your retail space.

Our large Christmas window stickers are specifically designed for more expansive glass surfaces, offering greater visibility and impact, especially suitable for storefronts and larger indoor spaces ie shopping centres.

Yes, we provide custom design services to create the perfect large Christmas window decorations to match your brand or theme. We can either work from your own artwork or let our designers create something for you. Please contact us early (before October) as we are very busy in the run up to Christmas

Absolutely! Our large snowflake window stickers are made from teh same high-quality materials as all our window stickers that make them easy to apply, remove, and reuse.

Our large Xmas window stickers use static cling (no nasty adhesive) and can be easily applied to any clean, flat glass surface by anyone. All you need is a quick spray of water.

We have customers who have been using the same window stickers for 10+ years! Providing they are stored properly then they should last you for a very long time!

We strive to process all orders as quickly as possible to ensure you have your large Christmas window decorations in time for the festive season. Normal orders are despatched within one working day. Custom large cling orders can take a few days to get ready. The closer we get to Christmas the longer our production times become due to the amount of work we have.

Just keep hold of the backing sheet, which they are supplied on, and reapply your sticker after you have removed it from your window. You can simply roll it up and store it for next year. Try to keep it in a humid atmosphere so that the cling does not dry out. If it does feel a litte dry then you can soak it for an hour in a bucket of warm water to rehydrate it.

We can print your large Xmas decorations to any size that you require. Above a certain size we would need to supply them in panels, to make application easier.

Yes, we offer special pricing for bulk orders of our Christmas decorations for shop windows. Please contact our customer service for more details.

Why use Stickers4 Large Christmas Window Stickers?

Why use Stickers4 Large Xmas Window Stickers?

Since 2003, Stickers4 has stood out as a reliable source for businesses and individual customers seeking large Christmas window decorations. We've earned our status as a leading supplier, particularly known for our large Christmas decorations for shop windows. Wondering why Stickers4 is your best bet for festive window decorations? Let us explain!

Since our inception, Stickers4 has continually raised the bar with groundbreaking designs and dynamic, double-sided printing techniques. This ensures your large Christmas window decals for business and homes dazzle in all lighting conditions, distinguishing us in the highly competitive market for large Christmas window decorations.

Available for easy online purchase on our website, our selection of stickers extends beyond the retail sector. Whether you're looking to decorate a café, school, university, or your own home, our large Christmas scene window stickers and large Christmas bauble window stickers provide a touch of festive elegance to any environment.

Designed and printed in the UK, our large Christmas window stickers and large Christmas window clings are made from high-quality materials and are incredibly user-friendly. Simple to apply, remove, and reuse, they offer remarkable value, especially for businesses interested in large shop window Christmas stickers.

Our customer service team is always available to answer any queries about installing your large Christmas window decals for business or selecting the right large merry Christmas window sticker. While other alternatives may be available, none rival the quality and customer service you'll receive from Stickers4.

You can also find our products on various other platforms like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon, including our extra-large Christmas window stickers specially available on Amazon UK. However, the most competitive prices are available directly on our website, as we don't have to account for third-party commissions.

In summary, for top-tier quality, exemplary customer service, and inventive designs—ranging from large snowflake window stickers to large Christmas tree window stickers—Stickers4 is your go-to choice. From homes and schools to cafes and commercial spaces, our large Xmas window stickers are a guaranteed way to infuse the holiday spirit into any setting.

window sticker application instructions

How to apply large window Christmas window decorations and store them afterwards?

How to apply large window Xmas window decorations

All our large Xmas decorations are applied in the same way as our conventionally sized window stickers, and are incredibly easy to apply. And remove. And reuse! For our large Christmas decorations we would advise having someone to help.

Just follow these few simple steps to ensure the perfect application of your Chritmas stickers

  • Ensure that the surface you are applying your static cling window sticker to is perfectly clean.
  • Using a household spray dispenser, generously spray the glass with a mixture of water and a few drops of washing up liquid.
  • Peel your sticker from its backing paper and apply the unprinted, shiny side (the side that was in contact with the backing paper) onto the glass.
  • Slide the sticker around until it is in the correct position.
  • Squeegee out the excess water and air bubbles while holding the sticker in place and leave to dry.
  • The window stickers can be cleaned using a weak solution of washing-up liquid and warm water. Do not use harsh cleaning products and avoid rubbing the printed areas.
  • Retain the backing paper for storing the stickers on when not in use. 

Afterwards, your large window decorations can simply be peeled from your window leaving no mess or glue behind! Furthermore, if you retain the original backing paper you can place your window sticker back on the paper (shiny side down) and then roll up and save for next year! We have some customers who have been using the same window clings for up to 10 years. Now that's great value for money!