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Going Greener… doing our bit for the environment

You may have noticed that some of our products now feel thinner to the touch. Don’t be alarmed – we’re not cost cutting or using inferior materials! Far from it! We’re actually making improvements to our window sticker products and going Greener along the way!

The actual static cling sticker material that we're now using is of higher quality, clearer and clingier (?!) whilst the backing sheet is thinner and importantly lighter. Being lighter will help reduce shipping costs. And rather than throw the backing sheet away, we encourage you to keep hold of it so that you can store your clings when not in use. Everything is reusable. Everything is greener!

- Lighter weight, better quality, higher clarity - less fuel required for shipping, looks even better on your window!

- Fully recyclable packaging – cardboard boxes, board back envelopes & recycled tubes & tube caps

- All of our window clings are reusable, year after year. Just keep the backing sheet

- Less waste produced during manufacturing.

Our new cling – clearly better, clearly greener! Yay! Win win


Please drop us a line if you have any questions regarding our materials

The Stickers4 Team