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The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Custom Sticker Printing with Stickers4

Stickers are everywhere! On your laptop, car window, or even your water bottle. But how do you transform your grand idea into a sticky masterpiece? Buckle up! We've got the A-to-Z on getting the best prints with Stickers4.

What Can Stickers4 Print? 🌈

Your imagination is the limit, but to get specific:

Our Secret Sauce 🍯

How do we do it? Two words: Specialised Experience. We only print stickers and window clings and have been nailing it since 2003. We've labelled our print technique as 'LUVIT,' or Layered UV Ink Technology, for jaw-dropping double-sided, high density window clings. Yup, you'll LUVIT!

Artwork 101 🎨

Whether you're a pro or an amateur, here's what we need from you.

Vector vs Raster: Choose Wisely!

  • Vector: The Golden Standard for sticker art. Clear, sharp, and resizeable. Save as AI or EPS.
  • Raster: Useful for photos. But remember, size matters! The bigger, the better—aim for 300dpi at least.

Quick Tip: Convert text to outlines in Vector, and avoid stretching Raster images!

Expert Resource: For an in-depth explanation as to the differences between these two, head over to Adobe, the leaders in digital content creation software, for their  explanation on raster vs vector file types 

Software & File Setup 🖥️

We use Macs & PCs and can cope with virtually any format. Just send it over and we'll let you know if we need anything different

  • Adobe Illustrator: Save as pdf
  • CorelDraw: Save as .cdr, PC Versions 24
  • PostScript (EPS): Save as standard EPS file

Convert fonts to outlines or curves. And for color, stick with Pantone colours.

Common Stumbling Blocks 🚧

Avoid these to ensure a smooth print process:

  • Missing or incomplete fonts
  • Missing Files
  • Poor Quality Art
  • Unclear Instructions

How to Send Your Artwork 📩

For files up to 5Mb, email us at For bigger files, use platforms like

The Final Touches 🎨

Request proofs if you want, especially for color-critical projects. We can’t guarantee exact Pantone matches, but we get darn close. Printing to vinyl isn't as foolproof as printing to paper stocks.

Tolerance Levels for Cuts:

Type of Sticker Tolerance
Thermally Printed +/- 1mm
Digitally Printed +/- 1.5mm

Got Questions? 🤔

Don't hesitate to contact us. We're not just in the business of making stickers; we're in the business of making your ideas stick!

So, ready to make the world a bit stickier? Let's print something amazing together! 🌟

For any inquiries, drop us a line. We’re always here to help!


We specialize in printing on self-adhesive vinyl, static cling, and specialist wall vinyl.

LUVIT is a pritn technique using Layered UV Ink Technology. It allows us to print double-sided, high-density window clings for eye-popping visuals both inside and out. You'll Luvit!

We offer a wide range: custom stickers & labels, window clings, car decals, cut vinyl lettering, event stickers, and even custom wedding labels. Your sticker dream, our sticky reality!

Vector graphics are the gold standard. They're scalable without loss of quality. Save as AI or EPS for best results.

es, but they must be high-resolution—300 dpi minimum—and created at the actual size you want them printed.

Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw are our top picks. Save files as outlined fonts to avoid issues.

While we can't guarantee exact Pantone matching, our color accuracy is very close, especially on self-adhesive vinyl.

For files up to 5MB, email us at Larger files can be sent via web-based services like WeTransfer.

Absolutely! Proofs are available upon request and will only be printed after full payment is received. We charge £15.00 per proof which is refundable on order placement.