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Is it Really a Double-Sided Window Sticker? Don't be Fooled!

Why does a Stickers4 double-sided window sticker really stand out?

Some window stickers may claim to be double-sided, but are they really? We take a look at the science behind window sticker visibility.

Just because a window sticker claims to be "double-sided" doesn't mean it really is. Let us explain…

Basic window stickers (you know, the cheap ones you find plastered all over Amazon)

Most window stickers are advertised as double-sided, but they actually consist of only one layer of ink. Imagine drawing a picture on a glass window with felt-tip pens. You can see the drawing from both sides of the glass, however, when the sun goes down, it will be very hard to see it at all. That same drawing on a piece of white paper will be visible in all but complete darkness! Why?

The Science:

Coloured inks, by their very nature, don’t contain much pigment, so when printed onto a piece of clear vinyl, they don’t reflect much light. Instead, light passes through the ink. So, when it's dark, there’s not enough light to interact with the ink to make it visible.

  • Day: Colours can be seen, but look slightly dull as some of the light is passing through
  • Dusk: Colours fade
  • Night: Barely visible
Cheap single layer print - light passes through Day & night
Light passes through so the image doesn't appear as vibrant During the day only a small amount of light is reflected to the image looks dull. At night the sticker is barely visible at all

|TEST: try drawing a picture on a piece of glass using felt-tip pens and see what it looks likes when you hold it up to a dark sky at night. Compare the same drawing on a piece of white paper.


The Stickers4 Way.. Triple layer print with a reflective white Block Layer

So, what if you're a sticker guru? You print a reflective block layer between two colour layers, and voilà! It's like you’ve built a mini-billboard inside the sticker. This is triple layer printing. Or, Layered UV Ink Technology (LUVIT) as we call it (because you'll LOVE IT!). It takes 3 times longer to print and uses 3 times more ink, but we think it’s more than worth it! The difference between the cheap single layer print and our 3 layer print is, well, like night and day!

  • Day: Colours can be clearly seen, and look vibrant as light is reflected back by the block layer.
  • Dusk: Colours can still be clearly seen
  • Night: Colours can be seen under ambient lighting

The Science:

The reflective white block layer serves as a light reflector and bounces light back through the coloured ink, enhancing the vibrancy of the colors. This allows for clear visibility of the image even in low light conditions.

What Happens in Layers:





See the design from outside

Can be seen at night by streetlight/moonlight

Block (white)

Reflects and absorbs

Enhances visibility


See the design from outside

Makes it visible from both sides


Stickers4 Triple Layer Print
Vibrant window stickers day and night
With a refelctive white layer, light is reflected back to the viewer... ...and looks vibrant day or night!



  • Cheap window sticker: Light goes through, looks dull and design loses its charm when it's dark.
  • Triple Layer print window sticker: Colours stay vibrant because light is reflected, not transmitted through the ink.Can be seen in low light levels.

"Simply put, don't be fooled by claims that it says it's double-sided! If it doesn't specifically say that it uses triple-layer print, with a reflective white block layer, then it will look dull and lifeless"

Why It Matters

During the winter months it becomes dark very early in the day so you want your window stickers to remain as visible as possible, for as long as possible. Only triple layer print stickers will be seen when it's dark outside. For a business like Stickers4, where we aim to bring your windows to life 24/7, understanding these principles is game-changing. You won't just be sticking on a design; you'll be applying a mini-engineering marvel!

Stick with us, and shine onday or night!

Remember, if it doesn't say that it is triple layer print then it probably isn't! 

NB - Suncatcher and stained-glass designed window stickers are a little different as they will rely on light passing through them. They look great when it's sunny however, will soon become hard to see when there is little outside light. They will always look quite dull from the outside.


Stickers4 utilizes a triple layer printing method, also known as Layered UV Ink Technology (LUVIT), which includes a reflective white block layer to ensure maximum visibility in all lighting conditions.

Many window stickers are single layer prints. Their coloured inks don't reflect much light and let most of the light pass through. Hence, in low light conditions, these stickers become less visible.

Colours on basic (cheap) window stickers look faded or dull because coloured inks contain less pigment and thus reflect minimal light. The majority of light passes through these inks rather than reflecting it, making the design look dull or invisible in darker settings.

The triple layer consists of a colour layer, a reflective white block layer, and another color layer. This reflective block layer serves to bounce light back, enhancing the vibrancy of the colours and visibility in low light conditions.

LUVIT is Stickers4's term for their triple layer printing technique, using the latest available technologies, that ensures stickers are vibrant and clearly visible under various lighting conditions.

The reflective white block layer acts as a light reflector, bouncing light back through the coloured ink. This boosts the colour vibrancy and ensures the sticker remains visible even in low light.

Customers should check if the sticker uses triple-layer print technology with a reflective white block layer. If this detail isn't mentioned, the sticker might not offer the desired vibrancy and visibility.

During winter, it becomes dark much earlier in the day. Triple layer print stickers remain visible even in the dark, ensuring continuous visibility and aesthetic appeal.

Remember, if it doesn't specifically state that it uses triple-layer print technology, it probably doesn't offer the same vibrancy and visibility as those that do.