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GIANT Size Christmas Gonk Window Stickers

We accidently spilt a bottle of nutri-grow and our Gonks lapped it up.. the result? GIANT size Christmas Gonks! 


Introducing our GIANT size Christmas Gonk Window stickers for big windows. Each Gonk is available separately or buy all 5 and save £££'s. Please check you dimensions carefully as these are very very big!

ADDED BONUS Each Gonk comes with a selection FREE snowflakes

Giant Christmas Gonk window sticker sizes

Name GIANT Gonks
Skiing Gonk (wxh) 845mm x 1250mm
Lantern Gonk (wxh) 830mm x 1230mm
Sitting Gonk (wxh) 830mm x 1175mm
Skating Gonk (wxh) 795mm x 1280mm
Ol' Red Hat Gonk (wxh) 695mm x 1290mm

Too big? See our Extra-large size Christmas Gonk's here
Still too big? We have smaller Gonk Window Stickers available here
Still not big enough? - no problem - we can go even bigger if you want.. just give the Stickers4 Elves a call and let them know what you need.

Once you have your Gonk window stickers installed please do send us a photo. We love our Gonks and need to make sure they are happy where you place them!