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Christmas Gonk Window Stickers

Elevate your Christmas  displays with our enchanting Christmas Gonk Window Stickers, meticulously designed for both shop window Christmas displays and home decor. Easy to apply, remove and reuse, they leave no residue or damage, ensuring versatility for both commercial and residential use.

For added convenience, we now offer them in various sizes, including Small & Large for standard windows, as well as Extra-Large and Giant for larger shop windows. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere this holiday season with Stickers4 Christmas Gonk Window Stickers, ideal for a wide range of window sizes and settings.

Set of 5 Christmas Gonk Window Stickers from £6.95 inc. VAT from £5.79 ex. VAT
Extra-Large Christmas Gonk Window Stickers from £27.95 inc. VAT from £23.29 ex. VAT
GIANT Size Christmas Gonk Window Stickers from £49.99 inc. VAT from £41.66 ex. VAT
Set of 6 Scandi Gnomes Christmas Window Cling from £3.95 inc. VAT from £3.29 ex. VAT


Yes, many of our Christmas Gonk window stickers are reusable, allowing you to use them for multiple holiday seasons.

Application of our Christmas Gonk window decals is simple and straightforward, with instructions provided for a hassle-free experience. Just a light mist of water sprayed to the glass ensures that your Gonk will stay in place and look beautiful!

Yes, our Gonk window stickers are typically repositionable, allowing you to adjust their placement if needed.
Are these stickers suitable for outdoor use?

While primarily designed for windows, our Christmas Gonks for windows can also adhere to other smooth surfaces such as mirrors and perspex

Yes, we offer custom designs to create a unique Christmas window display for your home or business. Just give our team a call. We can either print from your artwork or we can design something bespoke.

Our Gonk window stickers are designed to be removable without leaving any sticky residue or causing damage to your windows.

Absolutely, our Gonk stickers are designed to be easily removable without leaving any residue.

All our stickers are designed to last throughout the season and beyond. By following the application and care instructions, your Gonks will giove you many years of service

We strive for fast delivery, especially during the festive season, but it's always best to order in advance to ensure timely arrival. The closer we get to Christmas, the busier we become.

Why use Stickers4 Christmas Gonk Window Stickers?

Why use Stickers4 Xmas Gonk Window Stickers?

Since 2003, Stickers4 has been the go-to supplier for beautiful Christmas window decorations, notably our Christmas tree window stickers and decals. Our advanced double-sided printing ensures that these Christmas tree window decals dazzle in any lighting, making us a standout choice.

Festive Window Decor: These Christmas Gonk window stickers feature beautiful designs of Christmas Gonk characters, instantly infusing your living space with festive cheer during the Christmas season.

Simple Application: Applying and repositioning these decals is a breeze, ensuring stress-free window decoration. Plus, they won't leave any sticky residue on your windows.

Mess-Free and Non-Damaging: Unlike traditional Christmas decorations such as tinsel or ornaments, Gonk window decals won't create a mess or risk damaging your windows, making them a practical and hassle-free choice.

Sustainability: All our Gonk window stickers are reusable, allowing you to store and recycle them for future festive seasons. This not only saves you money but also promotes eco-friendliness by reducing waste.

Kid-Friendly Decorating: Engage your children in the Christmas decorating process with Gonk window stickers. They're an excellent way to involve kids and let them have fun deciding where to place the stickers.

Diverse Designs: Explore Stickers4's wide range of Christmas Gonk window decal designs. You'll find options that perfectly complement your decorating theme and style, whether you prefer traditional or whimsical designs.

In summary, opting for Gonk window decals from Stickers4 can elevate your festive decor effortlessly, without any mess or damage. These versatile and festive decals are a must-have for Christmas decorating enthusiasts.

giant gonk window sticker for retail shop window displays
window sticker application instructions

How to apply Christmas Gonk window Stickers and store them afterwards?

How to apply Xmas Gonk window clings

All our Christmas Gonk window stickers, whether standard size, extra-large or GIANT, are incredibly easy to apply. And remove. And reuse!

Just follow these few simple steps to ensure the perfect application of your Chritmas Gonk window decals

  • Ensure that the surface you are applying your static cling window sticker to is perfectly clean.
  • Using a household spray dispenser, generously spray the glass with a mixture of water and a few drops of washing up liquid.
  • Peel your Gonk sticker from its backing paper and apply the unprinted, shiny side (the side that was in contact with the backing paper) onto the glass.
  • Slide the sticker around until it is in the correct position.
  • Squeegee out the excess water and air bubbles while holding the sticker in place and leave to dry.
  • The window stickers can be cleaned using a weak solution of washing-up liquid and warm water. Do not use harsh cleaning products and avoid rubbing the printed areas.
  • Retain the backing paper for storing the stickers on when not in use. 

Afterwards, your large Gonk window decorations can simply be peeled from your window leaving no mess or glue behind! Furthermore, if you retain the original backing paper you can place your window sticker back on the paper (shiny side down) and then roll up and save for next year! We have some customers who have been using the same window clings for up to 10 years. Now that's great value for money!