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Sticking with Added Value this Christmas

We've Added Value to our Christmas Window Sticker Range

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce and online retail, it's crucial for businesses like ours, Stickers4, to stay competitive and provide real value to our customers. We understand the importance of not only offering high-quality products but also enhancing the shopping experience. That's why we've taken a bold step to add even more value to our Christmas window sticker range! In this article, we'll delve into how we've incorporated FREE snowflakes or stars into our most popular Christmas window products while keeping the price unchanged, and why we believe this addition is essential, especially during these challenging financial times.

Cutting Christmas window stickers


Christmas is a season of joy, celebration, and decoration. One of the most iconic ways to spruce up homes and businesses during this festive period is by using Christmas window stickers. These stickers add a touch of festive magic to windows, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that captivates onlookers. At Stickers4, we recognize the significance of these stickers, and we're committed to making them even more appealing to our customers.

The Significance of Christmas Window Stickers

Christmas window stickers are symbols of tradition and festivity. They transform ordinary windows into festive winter wonderlands that capture children's imaginations by showcasing festive scenes, snowy landscapes, and cheerful messages, so increasing the excitement of Christmas. They serve as a way for individuals and businesses to express their holiday spirit and spread joy to others.

Adding Free Snowflakes and Stars

To elevate our Christmas window sticker range, we've decided to include FREE snowflakes and stars into our most popular products. This addition is our way of giving back to our loyal customers and making their festive season even more special. By including these extra elements, we aim to create a fuller, more immersive Christmas experience for everyone.

Maintaining Competitive Pricing

You might be wondering if adding free elements to our products means an increase in prices. Rest assured, our commitment to providing affordable and high-quality stickers remains unchanged. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to decorate their spaces without breaking the bank, especially during financially challenging times.

How have we managed this?

Over the last two years we have invested massively in the latest technology and in people. We’ve :

  • Taken on another industrial unit and doubled our floorspace
  • Purchased 3 additional wide format printers
  • Purchased a state-of-the-art fully automated cutting table
  • Taken on 3 additional staff members (Design, Production & Operations)

Our in-house design team have reworked a lot of our products and found ways of incorporating these free elements, using up any wasted space and so, giving added value to the products.

Customer Feedback and Satisfaction

"Excellent service great quality well worth the money will buy again." SJ Nov '23

We value our customers' opinions, and their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive since the introduction of free snowflakes and stars. They appreciate the added value and have shared their satisfaction with us. This reaffirms our belief that enhancing the customer experience is the way forward.

"Stickers4 is a really fabulous print company to deal with. Very friendly outgoing staff who are always ready to answer queries. The Stickers4 customer service is fantastic beyond doubt and a lot of other companies could well take lessons on customer service from Stickers4" AC Nov '23


We understand the importance of spreading joy during these difficult financial times, and we believe that these small additions to pour most popular Christmas window stickers can make a big difference. 

Keep a close look out as we continue to add extra added value to all our products for all seasons, occasions, events & promotions.

Added Value FAQ

Yes, the snowflakes and stars are completely separate, allowing
you to customize your window decorations as you like.

No, we can only offer FREE snowflakes and stars with certain products which are clearly marked.

We offer FREE shipping as standard which is a 3-5 working day service. You can, of course, upgrade this to a faster service. Please just bear in mind that as we approach November and Decemeber, we are very busy and orders are despatched within 1-2 days regardless of shipping options slected. ALL orders are handled on a first come/first served basis

Sadly not. As the free extras snowflake window stickers are printed around the main product to reduce wastage we're not able to change what you receive

We continue shipping out festive sticker orders until 16th December. We will reopen again after Christmas in the New Year.