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Wall Sticker Application Instructions

Our NEW range of printed wall stickers are all printed to a revolutionary new vinyl which is exceptionally easy to apply!  It has been developed especially for application to walls, and features an 'ultra-removable' adhesive which means that you can apply the sticker and then remove it with ease and then reapply it elsewhere! You may also notice that there are very fine channels in the adhesive - these are used to disperse any bubbles that may appear during the application process - simply press the bubble and it will disappear!

NB - Any custom names or lettering that you may have ordered along with your wall sticker will be made from a standard wall vinyl which is a little less easy to remove (but still possible). We would recommend positioning the main sticker first and then applying the lettering once you are completely happy with the position.
Please note that whilst we use top quality materials, designed especially for application to walls, we cannot be held responsible for paint being removed when stickers are removed. All stickers are applied at your own risk.

Applying Your Printed Wall Sticker (see below for lettering application instructions)

We would recommend that you follow these very simple instructions:

  1. Do not apply your wall sticker to freshly painted walls. Allow a few weeks for any paint to dry completely before applying your stickers

  2. Ensure that the surface is completely flat and smooth.

  3. Peel your sticker from the backing sheet and place it gently on the wall so that it just about holds itself. Check that you are happy with the positioning. If not you can pull it away and reposition. For our larger wall stickers we would recommend that two people are used for this stage

  4. Once you are happy with the position gently rub the sticker from the centre outwards making sure that there are no bubbles (just press any bubbles with your finger and it will disappear!)

  5. ...and that's all there is to it. If you experience ANY problems during the application of your wall stickers then please get in touch straight away and we'll help you out


Applying Your Lettering

Your lettering has been cut from wall vinyl and is pre-spaced using vinyl application tape (the top layer of masking tape like material) so that the letters remain in the correct position once applied.

Download Instructions (pdf)

Position your lettering on the wall where you want it, holding it in place using a strip of masking tape across the middle of the sticker (either vertically or horizontally). If you are applying a quotation then you could apply the tape between two lines of text. This is known as the hinge point.

Now carefully bend one half of the entire sticker back along the hinge point and whilst keeping a slight tension on the sticker hold the top layer of application tape...

...and peel the backing sheet away as far as the hinge point, making sure that the lettering remains stuck to the application tape.

Trim off the peeled back backing paper using a pair of scissors

Whilst still applying a slight tension carefully begin to move the application tape with the lettering on back towards the wall using one hand whilst pressing the graphic to the wall, from the centre outwards, with the other hand.

When the first half of the sticker is applied you can remove the masking tape hinge and repeat the process on the other half of the wall sticker…

…pulling the backing paper away as you go and rubbing from the centre outwards to apply the remaining letters to the wall

Now that the wall sticker is on the wall rub it all over with your squeegee making sure that it is all making good contact with the wall.

Now take one corner of the application tape and SLOWLY peel it back leaving the wall sticker stuck to the wall. Remember, go slowly so that you can push back any parts of the wall sticker that might not be fully stuck yet.

Once you have finished you may see a tiny bubble or two... Not to worry! Just pop them with a pin and press the bubble to release the air :)


Thanks for sticking with us!